How to hold a paperback book open? Completely Hands-free!

Do you want to hold your paperback book open, completely hands-free, without damaging its spine. Then stay tuned.

7 Ways to Hold a Paperback Book Open

1. Wooden or Plastic Book Stands

These books stands hold the book at an angle and keep the pages open with their two arms at the bottom.You can easily adjust the inclination of the book to suit your needs. For example, you can use them while reading in bed, or if you are cooking in a kitchen counter top. They are available in plastic material like this one:

BestBookStand Actto BST-09 Green 180 angle adjustable and Portable Reading Stand/Book stand Document Holder

It is relatively inexpensive. But, if you do not like plastic aesthetics, then choose wooden version of the same concept. It is relatively expensive but provides value for the money.

Reodoeer BamBoo Reading Rest Cook Book Document Stand Holder Bookrest BestBookStand Nice Production INP-102-O Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music) by BestBookStand

They are not only good for paperbacks but also works perfect for heavy duty hardcover books. Your thick books can also fit in easily. There are lot of other book stands on Amazon but I have selected these three only. I have considered reviews, build quality, and good customer service.

2. Floor Book stand

These are truly hands free book stand that you can use to anywhere in your home. Just roll this book stand to you bed, kitchen, bath or in the study room. It has a sturdy base with wheels which makes moving it very easy and convenient. It has two arms at the bottom which keep you paperback book open. Plus, it is equally good for heavy books. You can literally set any angle you like and the stand will hold the book open without causing and damage to the book. All the features and quality come at a cost, which is the highest among other book stands that I have mentioned in this post. But it is a wise investment if you are a true bookworm and would like to read with ease and comfort.

3. Portable book stands

These are lightweight book stand that are made of lightweight wire frames, or they have some kind of folding mechanism which makes them very easy to carry while travelling. You can easily put them in your purse while travelling. They will remain unnoticeable.

For example

book holder wire portable

4. Page Holder Clips

There are different shapes and sizes of book holder clip that you can get to keep you paper back books open. This one gently clips the books at the top or the bottom. It works on treadmill and elliptical as well.

 FlipKlip book holder
FlipKlip book holder 

This lightweight and minimal bookmark clamps book from the sides.

Gimble book holder
Gimble Book holder

The cool Black Cat and the Page Partner page holders double as a bookmark.

Black cat page holder clip for large books
Black cat page holder clip for large books
four leg page holder
four leg page holder

5. Thumb Ring to Read with one hand

There are three thumb rings that I had shortlisted. One is made of walnut wood and the other one was made of cheap plastic. The Third one is what I recommend. It is the one shown here.

I have written a detailed post on how to hold a book open with one hand?  That article mentions all the accessories, from which you can choose what you like the most, to read with one hand.

Page pal page holder

page pal book holder wooden

Here are the reasons…

Walnut wood ring was a premium option. I was hand-made in USA. The attention to detail is what makes it expensive. But, why get something that you can loose very easily. So the other option is to buy a pack of 6 or 12 cheap plastic rings. They are good for short reading sessions. After that, they hurt your thumb. And if the book is too heavy they do not hold it well. They either break or causes a lot of stress on your thumb. The one that I showed above is good value for money. It is sturdy enough to even hold the big books. Plus, it is comfortable on you thumb. And if you loose it, you can get a new one.

6. Weighted Bookmarks

This is a simple tool which simply works. It is available in rubber and Genuine Leather.

BookBone - Green - Made in The USA rubber book weight

Just put the weight and it will hold the papers from turning. But the problem with this page holder is that it works only if you are reading on a desk or chair. It will not work if you want in bed. For that, check that floor stand or the next gadget. But if you like this one, there is one available in the genuine leather. It will feel more luxurious.

8 1/2 Genuine Leather Weighted Bookmark - Brown by Weighted Bookmarks

7. Book Holder pillow

This is a pillow which holds books open in its pocket. It can double as a travel pillow. The base of the pillow is filled with bean bad substance which helps it stay straight or at an angle. You can put in on you stomach, on you lap or on the table.

book seat book holder pillow

For more book holder pillows click here


These seven types of holders will keep you book open without damaging it. Some of them will only work if you are sitting and some works best while laying down. Some offer complete hands free reading and with others you need one hand to read easily.

Choose the one which matches with your reading requirements.

If you want something portable and hand, consider thumb ring, the book pillow or the holder clips.

But you want a more long term solution then get a stand and the best one among them is the floor stand by LEVO.

Weighted Bookmarks and wire stands work on table chair environment only. Choose those for your office, if you mostly read on a desk.

Tell me which one you plan to buy? and why? I would love to know if this post helped you decide the best solution.

Note: There are two kind of people: 1) who loves the books, and 2) who really loves the books. This post is for the bookworms who cannot withstand that there book dies, bends, have creases, or is less than the mint condition.

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