Best back support reading pillows with arms for reading in bed



The best back support pillow is the one the provides the balance between support and coziness. Plus, it should be large enough to properly support your back and arms. And if that has the Neck support, then it is like the icing on the cake.

Considering these factors, the best backrest pillow is the Husband pillow by Amazon.

Do your love to read in bed? And propping up pillows, is not working as expected?

Are you looking for the best back support reading pillow with arms (aka husband or boyfriend pillow) for reading in bed for back, neck and arms support? Do you need a backrest pillow that is firm and supportive, yet soft and cozy?

Here, you will find the selection of the best back support reading pillows with arms. Using them while reading in bed, will eliminate your back, neck and shoulder pain. Hence, making your reading experience in bed, more comfortable and enjoyable!

Let’s start!

Best back support reading Pillows with arms, aka backrest husband pillows for reading in bed

These backrest pillows with arms mainly support your lower and upper back. The basic design is same, but some pillows have extra features like dedicated neck support, and pockets at side arms or at the back of the pillow. There is also difference in the material of the filling and the cover. They are also called husband or boyfriend pillow.

Overall Best Back Support Pillow with Arms, and neck support for Reading in Bed – Extra large size for all

Best Husband pillow with neck back and arms support for reading in bed

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive pillow, that also lasts longer, then Husband Pillow is the best option. It gives you the power to adjust the firmness. It means, you can make it soft or hard, however you like by just adding or removing shredded memory foam.

There are many different brands that are selling similar looking pillows, but I like it most because of its large size, removable cover, and adjustable firmness. It is filled with shredded foam. This makes it easy to conform to your body shape to provide maximum support to your whole back

It is available in 16 different colors at Amazon  to match your style and decor. Whether you are a short or a tall person it will be perfect for you, as it is available in extra large size.You can easily clean it because of the removable cover. Even you can buy some extra covers of different colors.

There are side and back pocket as well, to keep your hands-free, remote, phone, kindle, books or bookmarks.You can check my detailed husband pillow review to know more about pros, cons, benefits and alternatives.

2- Best Inexpensive Reading Pillow for back and arms support for bedtime reading.

Milliard is the second best husband pillow with arms and back support

The next close competitor is Milliard, It is also available in extra large size, has a removable cover and the ability to add or remove memory foam to adjust softness.You can feel its softness and support. Thanks to high quality shredded foam filling and a plush velour cover.

It has a an advantage on price, as this is inexpensive than the husband pillow discussed above. It is only available in three sizes to perfectly fit kids and adults.There is no color choice here, as your can get it in only stone grey color. You can also check out my detailed Milliard reading pillow review

3- Best Faux Fur Reading pillow with arms for back support while reading in bed for kids

Brentwood Shagalicious best husband pillow for kids

Another best option is the Shagalicious by Brentwood Originals with a different look and feel. It is filled with polyester and cover with faux fur polyester cover. You can get it in three bright colors which makes it a great choice for  kids, teens or young adults. It is kind of a pillow that whether will love it a lot or hate it!

I do not like this one a lot, because it is a bit softer, and lacks support as compared to the other memory foam pillows. Plus, you are stuck with you get, you cannot add or remove foam to make it more rigid or soft.

Get this one, if you like a soft and furry pillow that looks cute. But if, you want something usable and durable then check other options. Here is my detailed Brentwood originals Shagalicious faux fur pillow review

4- Linenpa husband pillow with back and arms support

Linenpa husband pillow with back and arms support

Linenspa is a popular husband style, reading pillow with arms. Similar to milliard an husband pillow mentioned above, except it lacks removable cover, neck support, adjustable firmness, side pockets and availability in multiple sizes. Not available in extra large size. Here is detailed Linenspa Shredded memory foam reading pillow review


MALOUF Z husband pillow

Another pillow by Linenspa is MALOUF Z. The unique thing about this pillow is the cover. Looks and feels different as compared to other husband pillows. It is a soft velour cover, that it is made of cozy rayon from bamboo blend. It is also breathable and does not get too hot.Cover is not removable, there is no way to add or remove foam.

6- Sleep Jockey

Sleep Jockey husband pillow with arms

If you are looking for a soft and comfortable reading pillow with arms, that has high quality breathable cotton cover, then it is a good choice. Filled with recycled polyester, and covered with 300 threads 100% Egyptian cotton, this is a reading pillow that feels more like a pillow and not like a wedge. It is soft and cozy and the cover feels plush.

The cotton cover is breathable and prevents sweaty back even if you are using it for long hours. It does not have a removable cover and is only available in blue color. For exact dimensions click the image.

7- Brentwood 557 Corduroy

Brentwood 557 Corduroy husband pillow

If you need a small pillow that is soft and plush, then it is a good option. Your an get this for kids and the persons with short height. It is filled with polyester which does not change it shape over time.

The cover is of corduroy material that feels soft and plush. To keep it clean, just spot clean it with a damp cloth, as the cover is not removable.T o use, just place it against the headboard or some solid support to start reading in a sitting up position.

It is available in 5 different colors: Black, chilli pepper, coffee bean, navy, shaded spruce, and tan. It is a 18’’ high small size pillow with arms for reading in bed. To keep it clean, just spot clean it with a damp cloth.

You can also check the comparison between Brentwood 557 and Home Soft Things. These are both Corduroy bed rest pillow with arms.

8- Best Portable, Feather-light, Inflatable Backrest Reading Pillow with Arms For Travel

air filled inflatable husband pillow

If you are looking for a portable and travel friendly reading pillow, then Homca inflatable reading pillow with arms, is a great choice. When your want to read just fill it up in a minute with your breathe, and starting reading.

There is no return value which locks the air inside, this makes filling it up easy and hassle free. When you’re finished reading and want to store it, just deflate it by opening the value and slightly pressing the valve. It will deflate in just 5 seconds. Pack it in the bad and you will be ready to leave.

As compared to other heavy 9 pounds pillows this only weight 0.75 pounds. As compared to other pillows it is the smallest, measuring 16’’ in height. For detailed dimensions click the image.

9- BedLounge

Best Bedlounge back support pillow for reading in bed

Bed lounge husband pillow is also one of the best

The unique thing about this pillow is its structure and design that is different from other reading pillows. The arms are adjustable. You can move them inwards or push them outwars for maximum support and comfortable fit. If offers adjustable neck height, which makes it equally good for kids, and adults.

There are two sizes available, small and regular. If you are shorter than 5’3’’ then get the smaller one, otherwise ge the regular one. It is available in 22 color choices at Amazon. Choose the one that suits your taste and style. To clean, just remove the cover and wash it in the machine. Check out, Bedlonge classic reading pillow review.

10- Ziraki inexpensive Shredded Foam Adult Size Bed Reading Pillow

Ziraki inexpensive Shredded Foam Adult Size Bed Reading Pillow

Ziraki back reading pillow with arms and a handle at the top, is a basic yet a robust choice for bedtime reading, if you are on a budget. This high quality pillow provides support to your back and arm, by conforming to your back. It does not come with removable cover, but the cover you get is breathable and can be easily spot cleaned if needed. The only complain is, it does not maintain its shape overtime. Here is the detailed Ziraki reading pillow review

11- ZOEMO Back Rest Reading Pillow

ZOEMO Back Rest Reading Pillow

Zoemo is a relatively cushiony and comfortable, and not a firm and rigid supportive one. But the good thing is, it maintains its shape and support over the years. It is filled with ball fiber that makes it soft and helps conform it to the shape of your back. You also get a pocket at the side arm. Here is the detailed Zoemo backrest reading pillow with arms and neck support review.

12- Springcoo back rest Reading Pillow bed with arms and neck roll

Springcoo back rest Reading Pillow bed with arms and neck roll

Springcoo is soft but not too much, firm but not too much. Overall, it is a softer reading pillow with enough support, and a little rebound. It is very helpful for reading in bed comfortably, in the ergonomic posture. For details, check Springcoo back rest Reading Pillow bed with arms and neck roll review

13- Keen Edge Home, Backrest Foam Reading Pillow with Arm Pocket

Keen Edge Home, Backrest Foam Reading Pillow with Arm Pocket

Keen Edge Home Backrest reading pillow is great choice if you are looking for the balance between the price and the quality. It is a soft yet supportive back and arms support pillow with a side pocket and removable cover. The only thing to compromise is the white color which is the only available color for this one. Here is the detailed Keen Edge Home, Backrest Foam Reading Pillow with Arm Pocket review

14- Extra large adult size Backrest reading pillow with arms and cup holder for reading while having some coffee

Backrest reading pillow with arms and cup holder for reading while having some coffee

Cascadia Essentials reading pillow is a great choice, if you love to read and snack in bed, before sleeping. It is super comfortable pillow that offers that right amount of support and fluffiness. You do not sink in the pillow, rather you whole back gets a proper support that helps you read longer witout back and neck pain. Also, you can detach the head pillow to use it under your knees.

Conclusion – What is the best backrest reading pillow with arms pillow?

If you feel pain in your back while reading in bed, then above mentioned reading pillows will prove to be the best back support reading pillows for reading in bed. But these are all husband or boyfriend style pillows that are known for their comfort and coziness. I recommend, you get the first one as this also has a neck support and other benefits.

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